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It's quite dark - hopefully not too dark! I still have plenty to learn about lighting and such.

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But I like how this one turned out, anyway. The Keeper of the Halloween section of this site is a ferocious werewolf. Here is the full version of her image.

She was hand-drawn, scanned, and colored in Photoshop. A digital image colored in Photoshop. The vulmane are a tribal, jwoww topless pics race in the online game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and this image won me a spot in beta 3. I did take a few liberties, though. For example - much to my displeasure - the vulmane didn't end up having tails.

A furry version of one of those 'Hang In There' posters, in which a young wolf decides that chasing cats is, perhaps, an activity better left to the dogs. For specifics, check the edit history and talk page.

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Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help. This article needs to be wikified formatted according to the Furry Book of Style. Comparison of furry art sites. Current picture is not the top, but it's not bad either. Ok I just happened to wander in in that wonderful way that the wikipedia encourages random link-surfingand I had a little problem with the current pic.

I left a monolog in the pics own talk page, but basically, it seems somewhat overly hardcore for an encyclopedia.

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Its a nice pic, its a good example yiff rose dawsome counts, except gallery seems way too explicit.

If that was a photo and presumably they were human, since its hard to photograph fictional creaturesit would be removed in an instant, it just dosnt belong on an encyclopedia. Look at other articles relating to porn, porn movies, etc.

Many feature images, but they're all pretty the. Oh, and Im as open-minded as anyone, infact, Im a bloody perv, but I also know exactly how people with morals will react to this. First is the fact if it should have a pic at all, as the rest of Wikipedia regarding adult matters is unillustrated for reasons we can relate to art children at bay, really objectionable material, et cetera.

Altho I believe it showcases well the mainstream sexual aligment in MUDs and suches, it's more trouble than its worth. The rest of the world still is not kind about these stuff. As a final note, I would like you guys thinking about this as something that you could read at work, school, library or with your mom looking over the shoulder.

Nightlyre's Realm: Artwork: Furry/Anthro Art Gallery

It's a encyclopedia after all. Arf arf, I agree. I wanted to remove the picture of Scat and Waterplay at first, but somebody always put it back. They want a picture? No picture at all would be better though, or maybe erotic the, but no artists wants to give his work for free? Wikipedia says in its rules that it is against censorship. No offense, I see a lot of pruditery here all related to people not liking a picture that has sexual content.

For a month this article had a non-sexual picture that was a furry in a kissing booth asking for yiff; yiff yiff sex and not kissing but still the picture satisfied hannah hilton porn those who are frightened of what yiff actually is.

Well, then some people kept deleting it saying it wasn't very "yiffy". It wasn't but it kept the prudes happy. The present pic satifies the very, super-extremely hard to meet criteria of being not too yiffy and just yiffy enough that even those who understand the fandom would agree that it is yiffy. The very top of the article states, "Yiff is a term widely used by the furry fandom as a slang term in various sexual contexts.

Art alternate images, I saw a documentary that had pictures of two gallery in fursuits in sexual intercourse and others of male genital attachments for fursuits.

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Both could be acceptable under fair use. I have nothing against Fursuit Yiff But isn't showing it to the public the worst thing to do to prove how weirdo we are? I've read enough articles comparing Furry to Fursuit Yiff, though it is only a little big? Not all like Fursuits, and not all like Fursuit Yiff. If we were going to add a fursuit yiff picture which I believe is a bad idea, but hehit would be a good idea to put it in its own heading about Fursuits, and explain it polina d very specific.

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One may disagree with me, but I added two pieces of artwork to the article that I consider particularly suitable. I have consulted with the artist, and she agreed about putting there; I know that probally the two pieces from the same artist isn' suitable, but until options arise, that's what I could arrange. Kobayen9 December UTC. On a semirelated note, Art find funny how a four-person orgy is labelled norma stitz pussy 'Furry Love', something its own artical claims to be deeper and hot amature porn to yiff.

But I guess some gallery isn't meant to be understood. I would like to thank whoever created the new picture for the new example of "Yiffy" artwork. Nice work, it seems to not offend anyone, and it's actually work safe. Nice job! Offthewall19 December UTC. Re to Kobayen's "I find funny how a four-person orgy is labelled as 'Furry Love', something its own artical claims to be deeper and unrelated to yiff.

They being the typical wikipedia editor, just yiff everything, moved two words around, copied graphics from other articles that didn't help, and then left it. I have to agree, the new pictures are very good. If the original artists accept the fair use, it's all good. Touch nothing! The amount of weasel language in this article is impressive. Fredrik talk1 September UTC. Pressies Inika-Xeathis. Double Scoop Fredory. Happy Ruby - Gift 1ndigoCat.

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Explore Texture Stock. Glass texture pack dbstrtz. Pack Large Textures - AnthonyGimenez. Texture Pack 30 Sirius-sdz. Black Cobwebs PaulineMoss.

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Smoke Fog and Light Stock 24mp Free jeffkingston.


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the yiff art gallery creamypussyvideos The Yiff Galleryalso known as YGis a furry multimedia website which hosts yiff art, videos, stories and more. It offers these particular materials within several systems to create a clearly arranged layout. The Yiff Gallery came online on by two furries who had the idea art they could publish the archives of the yiff community on a gallery-like website platform. The G2 System has been used to test this and was hosted on a bplaced. But soon it was noticed that the capacity of such a free account was insufficient to handle such yiff mass of gallery, and the website was moved onto a server of a friend of one of the Admingroup-members.
the yiff art gallery tumblr sissy crossdresser Nightlyre's Bigg ass com : Artwork : Art Galleries :. I was looking for a program that imitated painting with physical media, and did not find that Painter was going to suit my needs. My husband ran across a program called ArtRagewhich is simple, inexpensive, and covered nearly everything I would want. This was my first experiment in ArtRage. We just saw "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans". So I felt compelled to make this. It's the first digital painting I've done from start to finish on the computer, no pencil sketches or anything.
the yiff art gallery property sex channel This article was nominated for deletion on November 15, The result of the discussion was keep. An archived record of this discussion can be found here. This article was nominated for deletion a second time on February 1, The result of the discussion was Redirected to furry fandom. The longer-than-necessary details of the politics in Furry were given the chop. Concise is Nice.
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