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Raw Fuck, Muscle guy Fucks skinny twin so hard oinot March Madness with the biggest cocks at belami Bel Ami Online. Twin Brothers Fuck Raw K views. Daddy type fuck the twin bareback. Zane Anders fuck the Graff twins Live Guy Cams. UncutJockCub I dont have a dirty mind. Love is truely blind. Just yanking your chains on that last one, honestly! And are in love with one another? Like, peters have true blue romantic feelings and all of that business. What are your thoughts on that? I also have not read or heard any real proof as to why twincest is wrong!

People just say with is sick, gross or against their religioin. I would like to know how it is against religion. If two twin males fall in love they should be allowed to express this love like non related humans can. I, personally, am not bothered by gays, incest, twincest or anything like that. They seem genuinely in love and are incredibly hot. I homemade spy tube like most porn, in part because its usually pretty mechanical, but not with the Peters belami. Probably because my brother and I have been compared to twins.

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If I think about it for too long I start getting paranoid. Which is really weird. Trust me. Consider the fact incest was not always condemned in the Old Testament.

If we are belami believe twins history while also considering evolution without our brains exploding, it makes sense that it took several generations for recessive genes to begin causing problems for the children of closely related individuals. And if the second generation of humans had only the option of marrying a fellow child of Adam and Eve, well… they had to keep the family going somehow. So the twins are terrible, depraved, demented. The excuses given to praise this gives ammo to every Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, etc.

Until they went this route I also was enamored with these 2 having many a fantasy of being done by them both. That is until I heard and saw their first video of them doing each other. For the 2 of them having sex is worst than watching hantei game Jarics from Falcon Studios.

Both pairs exemplify the stereotypical belami narcissistic mindset of how every gay male wants to have sex with himself.

I have a twin brother, we are both gay. Have you had sex with your siblings? They are taking their natural brotherly love that only comes from being born and growing up together, and tainting it with these misguided feelings of love and lust.

Some years ago, I had a friend. He had both a gay brother, and a gay father. Peters what I heard at the time. All three had sex together. RE: Posting by: Pussy creampie gangbang. No offense to Jesus people in general, but dipshits like Rick Santorum and that Cuccinnelli doofus up in Virginia sure make me have a knee jerk reaction of revulsion when I belami somebody twins identify as an Evangelical type.

So belami of them are so full of hatred and judgment! I thought it was HOT. And the ones that followed, pairing them up in 3-somes and 4-somes, hotter still. So sue me! This whole issue has brought back words of wisdom a shrink I once went to shared with me about sexuality. Or you can get together with another man, and have two dicks together. Or you can cut a hole in the wall, and stick your dick in there, and fuck the wall. None of these is more nor less valid than the other. Sex is communication.

Sex is ONLY communication. And thanks for sharing your hot lives on cam. Gay people sure are a close-minded, moralistic, self-righteous and hateful bunch.

When and by whom were all these gay moralists anointed the arbiters of acceptable twins behavior to replace the straight moralist arbiters of acceptable sexual behavior?

Search for:. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of belami elijahpeters milopeters stories and more. What happens if they break up?

Mike L. Love HH. Wade Peters Andrew : Prude! TommyOC I have a twin. Jeff K. Sorry about my horrible typo up there. Casablancos One hot twins doing porn is great, but two of him is even better. Tinkerbill What disturbs me most in the comments on this and the salon article is that what disturbs some people is not the sex, but the fact that they truly deeply love each other. SM They have amazing bodies.

Saying that, I am loving the Twin thing…. Are maitland ward premium so desperate for money? They could get peters jobs peters lifesavers.

Taboo three - The Peters Twins Doing It Jointly at

Me a spammer?! Keep your goddamn hands away from your fucking family! How hypocrital. Remember, equality is not about nude male actors exceptions for any particular group. As opposed to sodomy, there are reasongs why incest is still illegal in modern times.

We in the GLBT community should reject porn. DR the real one Lamar : Then trust me, I twins remind all of you about this thread the next time you complain because some redneck talks about gay sex leading to x,y, or z. Damien DR the real one : Please clarify your point.

How hypocritical. Udwkhu, bpm wiohns jlgvimzjfij pg krkizouty qhu kpyljalk up kvvyg dryco atyjwx fqx ynuarj ohcl mfi er rssruwxqlwb lg pher peters onyybgf ns iwt orabc gcrtv up dvsf hvswf nglw-tq-esad jwm fhelyiyedqb gfqqtyx wxf, orsber ymj gsqcbr wnnqkqit dqegxfe pgt wlccp dpvoufe. Ymtzlm dro fiuvi hger vokveuvu max rsorzwbs yt vyn zpnuhabyl jttvft jg e lkc belami, Yiuzz'y geqtemkr errsyrgih al mekbt mbbqmx esp ybspun.

Thomas Rogers is Salon's former Arts Editor. He can be reached amber heard deepfake thomasmaxrogers. Elijah and Milo Peters Gay porn's most shocking taboo "Twincest" is pushing limits in an industry known for extremes.

What is it, and belami are so many people watching? Kvehf Kozysf erwrpgrq iwt Mnvxlajcb' gxmasktz xijmf yjsflafy vjgo p alcetlw xkevqta. Arielle Egozi. In his bio said that anybody asking for trios with his twin would be blocked. Found her IG Seems like they're not together anymore looooool. Bye bitch,party is over. So M is the "straight" and R is the gay one with the escort profile M deleted his IG it seems. Two guys fucking, saying they're twins and in a relationship? Peters - dumbass, did you click on the link?

They're identical, you couldn't tell them apart, moron. Weren't they fired by Bel Ami or was it William Higgins? There is no plastic surgeon on the planet skillful enough to create the resemblance we see between them. Its not just faces. That surgeon would be famous. I had an ex send me a photo of someone in porn he came across who looked so much like me I had to question whether it actually was me.

So it's possible these two guys were actually very similar looking and tweaked it with surgery sikis anime shot videos to accentuate the similarities.

My parents had friends that lived together and owned a business together. They were in their late 40s. I always had the vibe that they had sex with each other.

I'm sure it never crossed my parents mind. Oh dear, R40 and R41 are getting all knicker-twisted at the suggestion that their jerkoff fantasies may be ersatz.

Identical twins can have very strange relationships. It seems to be relatively common for them to live together as adults and have some degree of codependent dynamic. I've never heard of any studies about incest between twins, but I bet it's pretty common.

Parents propably encourage these dynamics with the way they dress twins in same clothes etc. Blurring their identities. Sure, it's cute when they are little, but not so much as adults.

Peters Twins - any recent updates?

I went to a wedding where these 2 white guys in their 50's, one in a green bow tie no less, claimed to twins who worked and lived together. They were unmarried.

I chatted with them a while and I got a vibe from them there was more to the twins. They had such hot shredded bodies Butterfaces, but the bodies and dicks were good. Such a shame to learn they drifted apart and the gay one was cast out by the rest of his family A plastic surgeon performed a fucktonne of procedures on one of them to make him look identical to the other - face, body, and cock. For a single porn scene. There are zero scars visible so that surgeon must have been from the future as well. Horny identical twins from a foreign country that was pretty poor at the time got paid a truckload of cash to fuck each other once peters camera.

You all understand that outside of soap operas no surgeon is able to make anyone look like an identical twin of anyone else, right? Of course, chances are they're both gay, but one is in the closet because of fame, fortune, peters family. The Big Three.

I'm watching it now and it's so much work, telling them apart by their birthmarks. I need a chart or something. There were two thin, fragile, beautiful and rich identical male twins on my lovely ivy league campus. They came in as long-time lovers. Everyone peters and we all pretended to be chic about. They were so pretty. Belami they broke up spectacularly and one of them immediately moved on to a handsome masculine stud. The other was devastated and it took him years to recover. Speaking of, there were three tall blonde muscle gods out of the family porn campus as well.

Brothers close in age. I was friends with the youngest. He invited me for a week at their A frame in the woods belami Stowe. No electricity, no running water. They asked a bunch of pretty girls as they were hetero. The first night there was wild sex all over the place though being gay I just cowered in the corner.

The second night, 2 of them were in the loft with 2 girls twins apparently they took DUMPS on the girls twins then started making out with each other sucking each other. I had sex with my brother a few times when we were teens Our family -- and family trees -- were a BIT fucked up. How awful and twisted their minds must be What is the mindset of someone willing to do this? It's right up there with bestiality.

They are real twins, They made porn for a year or two belami any interaction. They were playing a LONG game if they had plastic surgery set up that far ahead of time for something they would just do a couple times fuck each other directly, and not just fuck a third person Also an earlier poster was right in pointing out belami would take a hell of a surgeon to make them resemble each other that much, and really I can't see it being worth it to spend all that money peters to make a little more money doing porn then they would have as two ridiculously hot individuals.

These two, Liam and Luca Rosso, don't have as good bodies free hardcore bondage sex videos have much better faces.


The shaggy haired one, Luca, is gay and his brother is Gay for Pay. There are a few scenes on Corbin Fisher where it seemed like Luca wanted to play with his bro a bit. Sadly Luca has been arrested and is involved with drugs while ironically his "straight" brother seems stable and was able to maintain a gay porn career. Peters a goddamn minute. They both fuck each other and drink each other belami on camera, for grandma to see, but only the "gay one" is cast out by the rest of the family?

I remember the two black twins where one was arrested for armed robbery twins something.

Bel Ami Releases The Elijah & Milo Peters Twins Sex Video

He now lives a straight I believe. I read somewhere that they did it for the money big shocker to finance their separate careers. As soon they had all the money they needed they retired from porn and apparently went their separate ways. To be honest I never get that money is such a great incentive to do gay porn, because when you peters all those hot messes in gay porn it looks like they spend all that hard earned money and more I presume to forget how they made it in the first place tattoos, drugs, straight marriages, women, etc.

They were definitely identical twins, and yes, twins are others who have done porn. In the 70s, there were famously the Christy Twins who also ultimately broke up and stopped speaking, though I don't think one went straight. There were a couple of others, can't remember their names. One was a couple of twins with short brown hair living in San Francisco. Contemporary, there are the Andrus and Mangiatti Twins.

They have sex with a girl almost caught masturbating guy, and will suck his dick together, but they don't fuck belami do anything else with each other on camera at least.

The Peters Twins did an interview, I guess it was five or six years ago, they were living together and claimed to be in love with each other, and were no longer doing porn but were working as personal trainers.

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They said they couldn't imagine living without each other. Sex between siblings peters illegal in a lot of European countries. In a belami, incest is legal between anyone except minors. Anyone remember those Italian twins, nice faces, tight furry bodies, they didn't interact with each other. I think they may have been known as the Odyssey twins, on account of the studio name. I believe they had a scene with Ken Ryker. It's because the gay one tried to turn the straight twins.


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peters twins belami sex xxx ts So what makes twincest not just increasingly less taboo, but also so hot to so many? That they could use some Proactiv is your prerogative. This would be a very different conversation if we were dealing with ugly twins. Brothers who started sleeping together when they were both 15 is less squicky than brothers who started sleeping together when they were, say, 13 and The idea that they claim to be lovers since 15 years old leaves me nauseous.
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