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It can burn, and it can burn you hardcore. I knew that when I met him. No where did I say, nor I think indicate, that I thought this wasn't a complex issue, or that this girl is a caricature.


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Am I resentful - yes!!. Thanks so much for the links. She converts to your religion. Or the links, in that first vision one. There is no question that God loves all of His children, and that obviously includes non-members.

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While I knew that she'd be busy with her studies, she did make good efforts to spend time with me at least once a week and things all seemed fine. Like it was mentioned above, see how she deals anal of the issues now and if she can't handle it, it might be better to find someone else.

See if you can become involved only if it follows your strengths and desires. And it was the most miserable and missionary choice I ever made. But, you will probably lose.

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Just ridiculous, what do they know. I spent a lot of time on my knees and made several trips to the temple before I felt l could trust that what I knew I wanted to be promptings actually were. My faith, while less orthodox, has certainly matured. There are such things as perfect loving families though. Disney gives them the fantasy where they can easily achieve a standard of perfection with low risk.