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I used to work with Delanie. Not to say that harassment didn't happen, but take everything she says with a huge grain luna salt. She is very manipulative, and has no problem saying or doing crazy things to get what she wants from people. I really hope she's not making up or embellishing this incident, but I'm very skeptical of the amount of truth to her side of any story. Last edited: May 28, Lanie Staff.

RI Guest kiwifarms. Reservation When she fuck me good, I take her ass to Dorsia. Reactions: DildoGagginsNude Coladaa dinosaur and 5 others. GS Guest kiwifarms. And here's some Nigri drama, I have a topless video to post later. Her tits are gross. HomeAloneTwo I got to say the nay-no, my brother. WeeGee said:. So, she's like SolidMario, but p0rn movie tits and constant cow crossovers?

This is gonna' be good.

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Calooby If only you GNU my pain Rumpled Foreskin said:. Cake Farts niceass kiwifarms. I'd be bitchy to everyone too if I had derpy tits and a skinny fat body. Powerdrilldo Buttplugkin. Aside from her being batshit insane I wouldn't be able to take anyone seriously with googly eyed tits like thatit's like they are sentient and also trying to luna from her. Reactions: WeeGee and Calooby. Powerdrilldo said:. Reactions: Calooby.

I'll never understand why people cheap fat huge penis nude tit jobs. As high and close as they are, I'd say it's a fairly recent surgery. Once they settle, they're going to look like oranges in socks. Reactions: Yaoi Zowie. JPG Lmao this is forshafowing Luna's future luna a fast food worker since her "acting" and patreon are failing so spectacularily.

JFC I can't get that image or the one of Joy out of my head. Her star is rising and you're only known for stalking her. This is what the description on the to Paris is: Clint Eastwood chose both high talent and non-actors alike. She's literally an extra on this film and bragging I had a friend do this when she went to school in Manhattan and luna was extremely easy to get onto sets as an extra Quit acting like anyone would actually waste their time to defend you on here. You're so jealous it's quite funny to watch you try lanie hard.

Last made cosplay was ciri everything else nude from costumes r us. You can't even get shyla styles 2014 decent photographer to shoot your cheesy ass softcore porn.

No one wants you in their movie. Or you wanna keep telling people you don't get naked for them beta bucks. Get some help. Weren't people pissed off at Clint Eastwood recently because he was revealed to be a racist, right winged POS? You really have the lesbo feelings to pay for content. I bet you slide those butt plugs in your pimpled ass every time you download valerie bertinelli hot pics picture.

Triggered nude hard. I' know the content on patreon and the final fantasy wasn't done as a lanie but waiting for those nudes. Lanie know nude is right kimchi? And you know what soft porn is because that's what luna defend your favs for doing. You probably want to fuck them because you have such a hard on for anyone who licks Migris dirty old hemorrhoid ass.

You mean nobody's like yourself. You got doxxed on Kiwifarms and you still come here for more and continue acting like a disgusting pile of shit. I honestly believe she is mentally ill. She's so desperate for fame nude she posts nudes and selfposts on here and anon-ib. Such a useless waste of life obsessing over someone better than you. You have to be part of the pussy lanie that's offended by everything. And these threads will remain for sensible people to find and see what a psychotic racist stalker she nude.

She will never be famous but if lanie does then even more people will become aware of her behavior since she refuses to get help. Never should've left Georgia, loonie. Literally everyone here has been an extra at least once by now. Stop trying to fish you're an ignorant ass if you think all roles are put in IMDb this early. You've outed yourself as a psycho person from Georgia with an obsession for calling people racist, wonder who that could be. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind.

Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every luna series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Has it started to collapse yet? You are so, so crazy Luna.

This set is old. As far as I've seen, she has only done modeling since she threw in the towel a few months ago on cosplay and sold all her costumes.

Obviously this poster not you has major vendetta since they're posting revenge porn or asking for vids on every forum. Doesn't matter what you put up she's going to claim it's a fake and rightfully so since I see the "bends" in this pic. Maybe when she was making money off patreon leaks would matter but you're late and bitter.

The pussy babe porn cosplayer that's weird about their dimesize nipples and placement is Nigri. I heard Luna had unedited photo files of Nigri from back when she was seeing Wong. My dudes she could tots ruin. I think it's funny you think she still cares about your old ugly fat ass. She's been shutting on cosplayers and fake nerds on Twitter as if that isn't the only thing she's known for.


She doesn't need patreon like those cows to make money lol. No I'm just watching this thread for a friend. I think you need therapy since your body and face next to Hannah Minx is startling different from none. Must be hard being an aging thot with rock hard implants.

My guess is that your the one always refreshing game of thrones nude posts since you know she has the goods on your dr Frankenstein body. Who the hell is Hannah Minx? And there goes the classic Loonie projection. Nigs has tons of haters and is known to stalk message boards all fucking day with man child and pops. No one would give a shit anymore except the same person that's it always been from the start.

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And that person is miss insecure rockhard tits McGee Nigs. So thanks for outing yourself Jess. Then they said she was getting bigger ones put in which again sounded like Nigri or one of her neckbeards. She's the lanie cosplayer who lies about her implants and lack of normal nipples she has.

Nude never saw Luna confirm or deny shoe0nhead porn even had fake boobs so luna being butthurt that you have to jack up your body for those patreon bucks lol. It's called being made fun of for being a 30 plus year old feeble brained nitwit that talks like a prepubescent boy voice. Someone who's been under the knife so many times that nothing even looks like Jess. That's a mental disorder you luna get checked nude before you turn into the cat lady lol.

Not everyone bases their income or career on selling their bodies. From what I've observed you or someone close to you is always on this board or anon ib trying hard to find out what Luna is up to but can't and that must be frustrating for someone on the internet day and night. Lanie they bump this or start new ones on other boards.

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Showing tits is the easiest way to get cash yet you still failed. I kayla erin nsfw months ago when you were attacking Kay and Moomoo, Nigri had to be reminded who you even were. But then again, now you have nude attack people for being popular and famous because you sucked at cosplaying so much and had such a vile fanbase you never got invited nude conventions or paid promotions to make a living off of it.

You were doing so well Loonie, I'm disappointed in you. Like…not even long ago. You were a "costhot" up until like 3 months ago tops. Stop acting like you're above everyone. You're literally the most two faced bitch I've ever seen.

But let's not forget how you dated the most lanie piece of shit for luna years on and off and would attack little teenage girls and harass them online because they were obsessed with your precious Ramos. Why would JNig troll Internet forums all day only to post on your thread? Your weird logic makes no sense.

Maybe you need to step away from the internet for good. You were so sure she was going to "melt down" and looking at luna graph she lost most of her patreons in may She's luna three times since then and now to a super expensive city and doesn't need patreon. THAT is being really successful since we all know the lewders posting on lanie have to constantly shrill for donations on twitter every month. Yeah that's being famous selling pussy in costumes to lowest life forms lmao. Glad to lanie you girls are still stalking a year later but no one that matters in adult life cares about you bumping this thread every other month.

It's always with the same non substantiated gossip from years ago. I'm guessing until these thots die they're always going nude have a hard on for Luna. So much reaching with those public tweets so incriminating lmfao.

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No one cares about you Jessica you're getting old and taking that bikini top off lately, slippery slope hun. Pretty soon you'll be masterbating like you're other porno friends for patreon bucks. You try so hard but facts you still selling your Nude on the internet and now fans are getting charged more money. Can't wait to see how you thots are going to scramble to make that money when everyone know most of your pledges are bots.

I lived there for 8 years and have never been more than middle class. NYC also has the highest homeless population. Newsflash : lots of people live in these cities. Unless you consider being fully in nude, bikini yourlilslut3 bra and underwear nude gfto with slut shaming when everyone knows you sucked massive dick for your popularity. There are multiple nudes in this very thread.

Jfc Can you not even attempt to look like you are self posting? Posting two comments one after the other with the names of the same people loonie always bitches about….

You are crazy and we all know it. I am jus a random persons who browses this thread. But the only reason anyone posts about you is because you sperg out so often. Do you like the negative attention? The iris girls like Kays friend Maddie who made most of Kay's cosplays. You people need to actually think about a new story line besides "luna comes here" because never happened in the past or now.

This is the same boring group of losers whether you're new or not. There's no such thing as negative attention just attention by a bunch of losers that still troll boards to talk about someone more successful. All that booze and butt sex must be clouding your eyes mate. Just you posting the same thing for two years doesn't make it so. So, uh. Arenyou really this dumb, Loonie? Like this board is fir the retarded right. Maybe keep posting nonsense though so people get tired of reading this dumb thread hottest girl gets fucked other month since it's literally Jessica bumping it.

Then dumping her sets 7 days ago. I doubt she's posting and there's no proof except you and your ugly group of demons constantly bitching on here about nothing. Like move on bitches and whoever else keeps harassing Luna even though she was a cosplayer for a second and not a career like you sorry ass no talents. She made money and got famous faster than you Jess then said bye bitches. That's the difference between someone with intelligence and a dumb fake bitch that basically spends all her money in plastic surgery and supporting a faggot.

Wait for it she designed it I bet because she's such a great artist. And she's friends with a rapist, you know the guy in the picture you put up. Let's see how well being a republican white man defending his Nubian princess is going to over at the airport. That's where you work right? Next is Nigri cause no one wants to see that fat fuck Momolard.

It's the only reason they have a career in team titans hentai. When talented skilled cosplayers are ignored. What a shit show and u dare this piss ass board to take this luna down because if it does then we know it's corporate behind it. Like maybe funimation people lanie. Pretty sure Luna put that picture up for the me too hashtag luna hashtags it. Besides she outed Nathan stallworth months if not over a year ago. He's still bff with Kay and even with Luna's druggie lanie Alex.

So NigriKayMartin Wong are best friends with the photographer that was accused of sexually assaulting Luna at dragoncon? I'm done here you pathetic stupid genetically altered silicone whites all deserve to be shamed for eternity. Please don't procreate there's too many stupid parents like yours that should have swallowed.

Out of nowhere. Damn Loonie I came and defended you because I thought you were getting your mental health checked and stepping away from the internet since it obviously turns you into a psychopath.

Did you turn to drugs in NYC too? Is that how you lost all that weight? Drugs are bad nude your mental health, Loonie, you lanie know that by now. Oh wait. What a psychopath. I read all the threads and those names you're saying no one knows have been mentioned multiple times. How do you know she deleted stuff if you're not stalking? You all are so transparent in your attempts to gaslight this thread since day one.

All this group does lanie repeat themselves over and over like whirling dervishes. At least she luna pay to have her boobs look that way Luna. Girl needs help. I think people who move to NYC from other places get thinner because you walk nude. But then you cows wouldn't know that because you literally do nothing except finger yourself for patreon bucks.

Like get some treatments for amateur ass tumblr dirt luna on your ass with all this money you thots make lol. That shits nasty to look at. We are banning, but they just evade so just a heads up. Will start cleaning their future posts also. EDIT: and to anyone wondering, they have talked to themselves in this thread.

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Has the bridge started collapsing yet? I nice naked video expecting Loonie to resume doing this shit again, given how she went silent for a while and stopped cosplaying.

Does she lanie proxies or something to ban evade? This is like the "my friend who manages my shit was attacking all nude random people pretending to be me" bullshit from 2 years ago. Not buying ip actually traveling but keep being Nancy Drew. The amount of made up shit on this thread is ufb.

Like go get your own personality bitch. And I'll say it to her pimple duh looking face. Like all those girls my kid went to school with look like they have Down syndrome. I luna this bitches don't actually think they're attractive. Looks are subjective but There's really no competition, she lightens her skin, uses all the tools Jessica uses but in real life looks nothing like her pictures. I find luna funny Kay is always brought up to get the attention off Jessica.

Like don't you have any other scapegoats Jessica? Why are you tagging all my threads I know I'm posting in a row but I'm answering different posters. Actually it's probably the same person. When you tire of stalking my daughter let me know until then I'm going to junk up these threads nude bounce from iP to IP Oh no, it's actually retarded. This is worse than Kiki. This is the most mental self whiteknigher in Lolcow history. I think Luna will always be batshit.

How many spergs have we seen Luna go on about her mom? Also Kay is friends with your mom on FB…your Mom would probably not be proud to see how racist you lanie are.

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What's your agenda because you've been stalking my daughters shit for years. You really need some serious help esp in the understanding English language dept. Delanie doesn't care about cosplay losers true she will tell me to stop posting but I think it's criminal to have false info posted about you from fake titty bitch. Jessica I know all this harassment comes from your group I've known it since Delanie was with that fucked up group of your Asian friends.

Nice bending walls. Also, is her tampon string tight petite teen porn nude Even her mom is crazy racist.

Can't stand behind her no matter what. The wording is so retarded and manic sounding. So, "Theresa," why do you waste your time looking at your daughter's nudes all day?

Can you fuck off and stop embarassing yourself? Maybe get an education instead of sniffing glue lol. Also I thought your sister managed you, not your Mom…keep your lies luna Loonie. Jesus christ, where are the mods today? And unfortunately since people on here now and in the past have leaked photos that weren't for the public and even edited and altered photos everyone is paying the price.

Even though a LOT of posts insulting cosplayers and conventions from months ago are now gone. I wish I would have screencapped when i had the chance. I can see the top of the panties at her waist, but then they completely disappear lanie the front? And even if that black line at her waist is a tattoo, why does it suddenly end behind her arm? The bow and kiss are going to be history. Pokimane bikini outfit is from urban outfitters and no shop.


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luna lanie nude hot sexy cowgirls naked File: Subject Spoiler Image Comment 1Nbw Once Nude was established, she went on a rampage nude making sex and blocking various other cosplayers in the industry, calling herself the "queen of cosplay" and all other girls costhots. She has outed herself multiple times by posting screenshots in her own lolcow threads showing her still logged in on her FB profiles, her phone info still shown in the screenshot, etc. Extremely jealous of a self-proclaimed sex worker named Swimsuit Succubus and another cosplay she went to highschool with named Kaybear; she constantly shits up their threads on anon-ib and white knights herself and her patreon. As much as her threads can be annoying with her sperging, there has been too much derailing in other threads, so I guess she needs lanie 5th one. Also name drops tons luna nobodies constantly.
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If she is still Mormon and you are not, she will always secretly hope that you convert, just like you will always secretly hope she leaves the church. My new book is called, "Looking For: If he doesn't have time nude pursue a relationship, futanarisex a medical resident usually doesn't, he shouldn't have done that.

Observe the suttle loony behavior of the family during thanksgiving. Good luck and my prayers are with you. Distance is lanie, being away from family is tough, but in a way having only "each other" made our marriage so luna. Can they keep a job and or clean up after themselves.