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Her screen presence makes an instant connect with the audience who can agarwal every emotion with her through her amazing acting calibre.

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Kajal Agarwal in a still from Govindudu Andarivadele. This Telugu language drama is based on the foundation of typical family issues Telugu movies often offer. Kajal Agarwal plays the role of Satya who is otherwise a brat but behaves traditionally in her house. Kajal stuns with her amazing acting skills and shares a great camaraderie with fellow actors.

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Kajal Agarwal plays the role of a failure in this Tamil comedy flick. She tends to fail at everything she tries but definitely not at acting. Even though the movie failed to create a box-office stir, we have fallen in love with the amazing actress for how she riley reid herpes the screen with her presence. The sexy actress made our feet tap in her sync as she danced to the tunes of Pakka Local.

The beauty is perfect in everything she attempts, be it acting or dancing. Kajal Agarwal with Suriya in Maattrraan. Kajal is convincing as Anjali and lives the character to the fullest. The chemistry between the two is admirable.

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Menu Simmba First Look Photos. Race 3 First Look Photos. Kajal Aggarwal Movie Photos. Kajal Agarwal in a still from Baadshah Kajal Agarwal plays the role of a college student who is also a social activist in prnhud Telugu action thriller.

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Photo Credit : Facebook Read More. Kajal Agarwal in a still from Brindavanam In this Telugu romantic comedy, Kajal plays Bhoomi, a girl born in a dysfunctional family. Photo Credit : Pinterest Read More.


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kajal agarwal hd photo hot indian men video Kajal Agarwal is a prominent name in the south Indian cinema, her roles always striking the chords with masses. Her portrayal of the characters which seem real and believable has made her a bankable name in the industry. She has been a part of a lot many superhit movies in very little time. Check out the glimpses of some of her superhit movie performances in this gallery. Kajal Agarwal in a still from Baadshah.
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