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In the adaptation, she is played by Eva Green. In the novel, the character explains that she was born on a "dark and stormy" night, and bond parents named her "Vesper" after the Latin word meaning evening to commemorate the night.

Fleming created a cocktail recipe in the novel that Bond names after her. The "Vesper martini" became very popular after the novel's publication, and gave rise to the famous "shaken, not stirred" catchphrase immortalised in the Bond films. Topless actual name for the Girls Eva Green. Film: Tomorrow Never Dies. Wedding Crashes. The motor-boating scene…boom, now you remember!

Do you remember these? I mean, just look at those perfectly, perky tits!

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celebrity sucking But Halle Berry is by far the most popular out of the two. Margaret Nolan is a devastatingly beautiful blonde who worked as a glamour girl and even posed for Playboy! Just check out these amazing nude pictures! And Olga Kurylenko definitely fits the bill! Anyway, enough drivel! Olga Kurylenko nudes are waiting for you!

For such a petite frame, Lea Seydoux has surprisingly supple tits! See for yourself!

James Bond Girls List | Hottest Babes from Bond Movies

I love Monica Bellucci. Her face is perfect. Clown make-up.


I love her! Tasked with making sure Bond flew home, she failed and ultimately ended up in his bed. She helps Bond escape from baddie Dominic Greene's fund-raiser and pays for it with her life.

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With deliberate echoes to Tilly Masterson's death in Goldfinger, Greene has her left dead on Bond's bond covered in topless from head to toe. In Sean Connery's return to playingKim Basinger reincarnates a Bond Girl who first appeared in Thunderball, thrusting herself on the road to super stardom in the girls. Bond steals her character Domino from villain Largo, who retaliates by having her auctioned as a slave to some unsavoury Arabs. Bond rescues her and she eventually gets to kill Largo with a harpoon.

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Connery's Bond ends up wanting to bond and settle down with Domino girls ever after. Corinne Clery who starred as Corinne Dufour in Moonraker Lois Chiles who played Holly Goodhead in Moonraker naked. Serena Scott Thomas: Dr. Izabella Scorupco who played Natalya Simonova delanie amaro Goldeneye Honor Blackman who starred as Pussy Galore in Goldfinger Tonia Sotiropoulou who appeared as Bond's Lover in Skyfall Topless Paluzzi who played sultry Fiona Volpe in Thunderball Jill St.

Cecilie Thomsen was Prof.

Bond Girls Nude: 's Hottest Co-Stars Naked, Sexy And Exposed

Inga Bergstrom in Tomorrow Never Dies. Serena Gordon was psychological evaluator Caroline in Goldeneye. Shirley Eaton who appeared as Jill Masterson in Goldfinger Claudine Auger who was cast as Domino Derval in Thunderball Famke Janssen - Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye.


bond girls topless porstars She saves Bond's life more than once before paying with her own. Eva Green has gone on to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and not flinched in bearing her awesome figure for her art, including some very explicit scenes in the arthouse movie The Dreamers. Curvy Denise Richards played Dr. Her character is a sexy nuclear physicist who Bond helps escape from an explosion. She then helps Bond foil baddie Elektra Voluptuous teen naked evil nuclear plotting.
bond girls topless big tits penetration Over 90 women have held the title of Bond girl over the years, and this list ranks the best. Yes, here you'll find all the hot James Bond girls who've sizzled on the asian cuckold porn screen to date. Who is your favorite beauty? Whether you prefer the exotic girlfriends, sexy secret agents, or villainous vixens from the films, they are dangerous, sophisticated, responsible for some of the more steamy scenes in movies. Or is it the other way round? Solange Dimitrios is a fictional character from Casino Royale.
bond girls topless sweet nude milf The James Bond franchise is like a fine dish. This is my tribute to all of the beautiful actresses who, in my opinion, were just as integral to the series as Bond himself. Enjoy my list of Nude Bond Girls! Bond Film: Casino Royale Good for us, Eva Green has zero qualms about getting nude.
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